about yalla trappan

Yalla Trappan is a work integration social enterprise and women’s cooperative that is run by a non-profit association in Rosengård in Malmö. Today Yalla Trappan employs more than 35 people and also takes trainees on for work introduction in our three areas of operation:

  • Café and Catering Services
  • Sewing Studio
  • Cleaning and Conference Services

The aim of Yalla Trappan is to create jobs and increased financial independence for immigrant women who are far from the labour market. By recognising the great competence in the Yalla Trappan workforce and trainees, we have created a vital and stable operation defined by solidarity and a wealth of innovation.

Yalla Trappan creates job opportunities by selling our services to both individuals and businesses. We also work together with the public sector to increase the number of women who can enter the work force in satisfying ways. We have created our own successful model of ”learning by doing”.

Yalla Trappan’s operation is permeated by creativity and sustainability thinking. We offer our clients products and services of the highest quality.

By using our services you are contributing to the social sustainability of Malmö!

sewing studio

The Sewing Studio has grown significantly in only a few years. Today we batch produce different products, mainly household textiles, for businesses that value quality, communication and local services.

Close to Rosengård, at Sallerupsvägen 138D, you will find our Sewing Studio. Here highly skilled seamstresses work with modern equipment to fulfill your needs. We batch produce for businesses and designers, and also temporary production, depending upon volume.

Yalla Trappan has established a unique collaboration with IKEA that includes, among other things, performing sewing services at the IKEA shop in Svågertorp. Customers can buy fabrics in the textile department of IKEA and then directly order sewing services from the Yalla Trappan studio to meet their own specifications. The studio is located just to the right after the checkout counters.

In the spring of 2019 Yalla Trappan started a collaboration with H&M; an on-site mending, alternation and decoration service. The venture is called ”Take Care” and it is the only collaboration of its kind in Sweden. Located in the H&M store at Gustav Adolf Torg, Yalla Trappan staff are on hand to assist.


At Drömmarnas Hus in Rosengård we prepare catering for businesses and individuals.

Our buffets can be customised for different types of events, such as weddings, graduations, office parties, events and conferences.

Menus change with the seasons and market availability of quality ingredients.


The Yalla Trappan cleaning service offers professional cleaning services tailored to the needs and wishes of our clients. The Yalla Trappan staff places great importance in establishing personal contact and satisfied customers.

Many of our staff are ISO 800 certified and tutor other women under work introduction. The chemicals we use are eco-labeled.

lunch restaurant

In the heart of Rosengård, at Von Rosens Väg 1, you can enjoy our delicious lunches. Since September 2020 we also serve lunches at Stora Varvsgatan 15. We combine seasonal produce with flavours from all over the world.


Do you want to hold your meeting in a different environment? The Yalla Trappan conference room can seat up to 12 people. The room is equipped with a whiteboard, Wi-Fi and large screen for computer projection. A booking of the conference room can also be combined with a study visit of Yalla Trappan and guided tour of Rosengård by one of the Yalla Trappan staff. Choose the set-up you want, and we will be happy to arrange according to your wishes.

study visit at yalla trappan and rosengård

In response to great interest in Yalla Trappan, we are pleased to offer guided tours and presentations about our work and operations. You are invited to book a study visit of any or all of our operations, and of Rosengård. If you are interested in hearing more about how it all started, and how we have grown and developed, we can arrange a presentation. A study visit will share the principles, methods and practices we believe are key to our successes, support of women, and innovation.

Let us know what interests you and we can combine a guided tour and a presentation of our work in a format that works for you.

yalla trappan projects

y-allas väg till arbete

This is a collaboration between Yalla Trappan, the Swedish public employment service and Malmö Stad. The overall aim of the project is to promote higher employment and reduce alienation for foreign-born women who are far from the labour market.

yallas jämställda hem

The aim of the project is to provide unaccompanied immigrant youths knowledge of household skills and increased understanding of how Swedish society works.

The aim is for the youngsters to gain an understanding of equality and what it means in Swedish society. We help them learn how to make informed choices about their health, finances and the environment in positive ways, for themselves and the community.

The participants are given a secure base for the future as they develop individually and in a positive community while at the same time learning the fundamentals of dealing with a home and everyday life. We also practice the Swedish language.